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Ventura Coast Youth Baseball

League age is determined by the age of your player on August 30th of each year.  For example: Tommy wants to sign up for spring and his birthday is October15th. His league age for Spring will be what ever age his is by August 30th the following year.  If you have any questions please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Divisions by Age

Mini Shetland 
Ages 3 & 4
Focus on fun and begining baseball. Utilizes coach pitch and tee. High parent involvement is encouraged. 

Ages 5 & 6                        
Focuses on begining baseball skills. Introduction to pitching machine. 

Ages 7 & 8
Teaches basic fundamentals of baseball. Introduction to kid pitch. 

Ages 9 & 10                                       
Introduction to the complete game of baseball.

Ages 11 & 12
Continuing to improve skills and fundamentals. 

Ages 13 & 14 
Increases their skill and strength as they prepare for high-school.